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  • Floating units with 100 - 750MW power pack

    • Power is supplied to the nearby platforms via submarine cables

  • Electricity production based on combined cycle power plants

    • Use of natural gas (gas turbines + steam turbines)

    • High efficiency compared to turbines on the platforms

  • CO2 capture from exhaust

  • CO2 is injected directly into a nearby geological formation

Mission of the

Blue Power Team

Deliver turnkey solution for the power unit, infrastructure and operations

  • Vendors and EPC yard joining forces to deliver a cost and time efficient execution

  • Design, Build, Own and Operate the power hub to offer the customers an alternative operation model


The aim, in Norway, is to provide several Blue Power Units along the coast providing power to the platforms nearby

A Blue Power Unit can also provide balancing power in combination with a wind park and if required provide power to shore

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